Friday, July 23, 2021

Plant Sale 2021

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CultivarSizeMedium, Large, and Very Large HostaLogo
Bridal Falls Large The gentle pie-crusting makes for an elegant hosta topped with lavender flowers. Large clump of dark green leaves with a wide creamy-white border that creates a "feathered" pattern on the leaf. Bridal Falls
California Gold Rush Large Sport of H. 'Sutter's Mill' that adds a contrasting green margin. Leaves emerge chartreuse in spring with a faint green margin. The leaves have a glaucous coating in spring making the leaf look frosted. As the season progresses the coating fades and the colors darken. California Gold Rush
Candy Kisses Medium Bright green leaves are pointed, very smooth and glossy, lightly twisted, and intensely ruffled along the edges. Leaf undersides are dusted white and the petioles are blushed with red. Candy Kisses
Center of Attention Medium Good appearance, wonderful color, above average substance and rapid growth rate. Dark green have a yellow-gold center that turns creamy-white and will be topped with lavender flowers. Center of Attention
Christmas Pageant Large Wonderful sport of H. 'Christmas Tree' has dark green leaves with a very wide yellow to creamy-white margin- twice as wide as its parent. Christmas Pageant
Color Festival Medium This wonderful sport from H. 'Enterprise' really stands out. It has a striking yellow line between the white centre and the dark green border. Color Festival
Cousin Lou Ann Medium Unusually cupped, wavy, bright green. Interesting flowers. Not just another green hosta... almost round leaves are deeply cupped downward and the margin is very wavy. Good substance and shiny finish makes for interesting corrugation. Cousin Lou Ann
Cup of Joy Medium Hosta 'Cup of Joy' is a gold seedling from 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'. Has the same qualities of its parent with the cupped and corrugated leaves but with a nice golden yellow color. Leaves emerge chartreuse and brighten as the season progresses. Cuo of Joy
Eclipse of the Heart Medium Wonderful new hosta from Dan Wols. Blue-green leaves have a yellow margin in spring. The margin turns more creamy-white in summer. Eclipse of the Heart
Endearing Endeavor Medium Blue-green leaves in spring with nice butter-yellow margins. Leaves more green with white margins in summer. Lavender flowers in early summer. Endearing Endeavor
First Love Medium Reverse colored sport of montana 'Aureomarginata'. Medium to large mound of gold centered foliage with dark green margins. There is a third light green color that streaks in between the margin and center color. Leaf center will become white if grown in a lot of sun. First Love
Ginrei Large Sport of H. montana found in the wild near Mt. Fuji, Japan. Bears the same shiny green foliage as H. montana but adds a mottled green and cream margin. The margins are slightly wavy. Ginrei
His Honor Large 'His Honor' Hosta forms a giant mound of sieboldiana-type foliage with wide yellow margins. Huge leaves are slightly corrugated and slightly cupped. The satiny leaves are a medium green with a yellow margin. This hosta has good substance. His Honor
Jason and Katie Medium Sport of ‘Christmas Gold’...dark green leaves are very round and surrounded by a bright yellow border. Tremendous substance and lavender flowers. Jason and Katie
June Fever Medium 'June Fever' is a sport of 'June' with shiny gold leaves and thinner blue-green margins. The yellow leaves have a thin blue-green margin that often streaks through the center. Leaves emerge with bright gold centers. If grown in heavy shade the leaf center will turn green in summer. Best color comes when grown in bright sun to retain the gold centers. June Fever
Katie Q Medium M'Katie Q' Hosta is a sport of 'Marilyn' with contrasting colors. The leaves on this great hosta feature dark green centers bordered by medium gold margins. Heart-shaped leaves are blue-green in spring with a bright gold margin. In summer the leaves are green with a wavy yellow margin. Katie Q
Key West V. Large Hosta 'Key West' boasts large gold leaves that are heart-shaped and slightly wavy. Forms an impressive mound of bright gold foliage. Can handle some sun where it becomes a brighter gold color. Beautiful and graceful hosta that makes a wonderful specimen plant! The waving form and color remind the breeder of Key West sunsets. Key West
Leapin' Lizard Medium Heavily puckered green leaves are rippled, ruffled and folded. Forms an attractive mound of wild and crazy leaves. The color of this hosta along with the puckering really remind me of alligator skin. Leapin' Lizard'
Lucky Number Medium Sport of 'Devon Green' that adds a crisp white margin. Shiny green leaves have a nice contrasting white margin. Lavender flowers in summer. Lucky Number
Night Flight Medium Another great hosta from Don Dean. Wavy blue-green leaves have a nice glaucous coating in spring. The wavy leaves are held on purple-black petioles that come into the base of the leaf. In late summer very dark purple scapes emerge above the foliage and have white bracts. Night Flight
October Sky Medium Intense powder blue, top and bottom of leaf, slight pucker, creamy green with pink blush bracts. October
Olympic Twilight Medium Reverse sport of 'Olympic Sunrise' from the Boyz of Naylor Creek. Thick blue-green leaves emerge with a lime-green margin that brightens to yellow as the season progresses. Best color contrast is achieved by giving some bright sun. Olymoic Twilight
Poker Medium Variegated cross; many Tardiana traits. Poker
Potomac Pride Medium 'Potomac Pride' is a large dark green hosta with shiny leaves. Leaves have some glaucous bloom in spring for a bluish look early in the season. Leaves are glossy on top with a powdery bloom underneath. This hosta has domed leaves that are very unique Potomac Pride
Purple Heart Medium Glossy lime to green leaves spotlighted with red purple in the leaf base. Purple Heart
Rainbows End Medium Sport of Hosta 'Obsession' boasts very thick, canoe-shaped leaves with a bright golden center, surrounded by a wide, dark black border. Rainbows End
Sagae V. Large Spectacular large blue-green leaves with variations of creamy white on the margins make this hosta stand out in any garden setting. Leaves are frosty blue in spring with a feathered yellow margin. Grey-green streaks are painted in the area between the center and the margin. In mid-summer leaves are blue-green and the margin becomes more creamy white. Sagae
She's Got the Moves Medium Long, pointed green leaves with heavily rippled margins. Leaves twist a bit which helps show off the white backsides. She's Got the Moves
Sky Dancer Medium Spade shaped leaves are blue-green with dancing margins. Leaves are bluest in spring and become a smoky blue-green as the glaucous coating fades. Sky Dancer
Skylight Medium If you love blue hostas then this one is for you. Thick and corrugated leaves loaded with leaf wax make this blue hosta shine in spring. Lavender flowers in early summer. Skylight
Sleeping Beauty Medium An attractive white-margined sport of the famous near-perfect blue 'Halcyon'. Sleeping Beauty
Stag's Leap Large Satiny green blue green with extra wide cream white margins that uniformly flare. Stag's Leap'
Striptease Medium An intriguing sport of 'Gold Standard' with a narrow gold center and rich green margins with white etching between the two colors. Striptease
Sunny Halcyon Medium Gold leafed form of H. Halcyon. Nice heart-shaped leaves are very thick and form a perfect mound. Leaves will be more chartreuse in shade an a brighter yellow in more sun. Sunny Halcyon
Sutter's Mill Large Bright gold; good substance; moderately corrugated leaves.pale lavender flowers. Sutter's Mill'
Unruly Child Medium A truly crazy hosta with more wiggles, undulations, and crests that we've ever seen in a hosta. Unruly Child
Victory V. Large This sport of 'Elatior' has shiny green leaves with wide cream margins. Large heart-shaped leaves have a wavy cream margin. These very large thick leaves are held upright as they emerge and form a massive mound when mature. Absolutely stunning hosta that should be used as a specimen plant where it can be appreciated! Victory
Viking Ship V. Large Very large mound of upright blue-green foliage with rippled margins. Leaves are very large with a glaucous coating on top and bottom. Corrugated leaves with some cupping to the leaf especially at the base. Grows very upright and seems to show off the leaves like a bouquet. Viking Ship
Warwick Comet Medium Very unique hosta with vividly contrasting leaves. Leaves emerge blue-green with a nice gold center. In summer the leaves are dark green and the center becomes near white. There will be lighter green streaks where the margin and leaf center overlap. Extremely cupped and corrugated dark green leaves with a nice gold center. Warwick Comet
CultivarSizeSmall and Mini HostaLogo
Blue Mouse Ears Small Small round, sort of heart shaped blue leaves of very heavy texture. Blue Mouse Ears
Church Mouse Small Its coarsely wavy leaves. It forms a cute miniature clump of thick, blue-green to green leaves and matures into a small, compact mound that is just the right size for troughs or the front of the border. Church Mouse
Dancing Mouse Mini Thick blue-green leaves have a wavy yellowish-green border that darkens to a pale green as the season progresses. Dancing Mous
Firefly Small This almost miniature hosta is a great addition to the small hosta garden. Shiny green leaves with white margins. The margin color extends down the petiole. Firefly
Gemstone Small Makes a vigorous-growing, but small 5" tall x 1' wide clump of narrow H. venusta -like blue leaves. Gemstone
Jiminy Cricket Mini Miniature with small wavy green leaves and good flowers. Jiminy Cricket
Joan's Alter Ego Small Leaves emerge gold but mottled with green. As the leaves mature they turn more gold but the margins hold the green. Leaves are spade shaped, slightly cupped and come to a distinct point at the tip. Joan's Alter Ego'
Ladybug Small Dense mound of rounded, somewhat unruly foliage that ranges from chartreuse to gold-colored. Ladybug
Lakeside Beach Bum Small Great small blue hosta with cupped leaves that have lots of corrugation. Lakeside Beach Bum
Lakeside Rocky Top Small The rugged rich green, deeply ruffled leaves remind me of a roller coaster. Their clear white borders catch the light adding to the rhythm of this plant. Lakeside Rocky Top
Li'l Smooch Mini Mini with leaves that stay yellow all season and are held on red petioles that creep up and leave a kiss of red in each leaf base. Li'l Smooch'
Magical Mouse Ears Small Creamy-white leaves that change to soft-yellow and later blue-green. Magiacl Mouse Ears
Mighty Mouse Small Small round, sort of heart shaped blue leaves of very heavy texture. Mighty Mouse
Mini Skirt Mini This sport of 'Mighty Mouse' has blue-green leaves circled by a wide, creamy-yellow edge that has big, loopy waves. Mighty Mouse
Munchkin Fire Mini Short and narrow leaves hold their bright yellow colour all season long. Munchkin Fire
Pandora's Box Mini Small dark green leaves with bright white irregular streakes in the middle of each leaf. Pandora's Box
School Mouse Mini Excellent sport from 'Church Mouse' with a nice wide yellow border. School Mouse
Smiling Mouse Small Sport of H. 'Frosted Mouse Ears' with very wavy margins. Blue-green leaves have a chartreuse margin in spring that turns almost pure white by late summer. There are overlapping grey streaks where the margin and center meet. Smiling Mouse
Sun Mouse Mini Hosta 'Sun Mouse' shows great vigor and forms a 6" tall x 18" wide clump of thick, slightly wavy golden foliage. Sun Mouse
Tickle Me Pink Small Beautiful hosta that emerges chartreuse but will brighten to a nice yellow. Leaves are held on red petioles that contrast nicely with the foliage. Leaves also have a nice reddish tip. Red flower bracts shine when held just above the gold foliage. Tickle Me Pink
You're so Vein Small Forms a vigorous but slowly offsetting 6" tall x 15" wide clump of dark green, cardboard-like, 3.5" wide leaves. You're so Vein'
NameCommon NamePerennialsLogo
Aralia Sun King Golden Japanese Spikenard Looking for something uniquely different for shade? Try this tropical-looking golden beauty with large compound leaves that measure up to 3 feet long! Aralia Sun King
Brunnera Variegata Heartleaf Brunnera, Siberian Bugloss Bold, irregular, creamy white leaf margins that simply glow in the shade characterize this lovely Brunnera. This one will really light up the shady corners of your garden; some leaves can be almost entirely white! As an added bonus, clusters of tiny, baby blue flowers flutter above the foliage from mid to late spring. Brunnera Variegata
Carex Banana Boat Creeping Broad-leaved Sedge At first glance, you might take this plant to be a small lance-leaved hosta, but it's actually a broad-leaved form of deciduous sedge. The one inch wide leaves are bright lemon or banana yellow with narrow, green margins and stripes. Carex Banana Boat
Dicentra Valentine Bleeding Hearts a graceful perennial which produces dozens of arching flower stems adorned with dangling, heart-shaped, rich scarlet-red flowers with protruding white petals. Dicentra Valetine
Geranium maculatum 'Crane Dance' Cranesbill, Wild Geranium This bronze-leafed perennial may look like the species Geranium pratense, but is actually derived from Geranium maculatum, a woodland perennial and one of the few species in cultivation native to North America. Geranium maculatum 'Crane Dance'
Heuchera 'Toffee Tart' Coral Bells Just like its name, 'Toffee Tart' displays differing shades of ginger caramel throughout the seasons. In spring, newest leaves are amber with a silver overlay. Heuchera 'Toffee Tart'
Heucherella Eye Spy Foamy Bells Heucherella are traditionally grown for their foliage; 'Eye Spy' bucks that trend by also having spectacular flowering performance. In the garden, bubblegum pink flowers appear in spring and bloom for many weeks. Heucherella Eye Spy
Pulmonaria Pretty in Pink Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage Lungwort are one of the classic shade perennials, and what better way to celebrate spring than with an explosion of pink flowers? Large, bright rose pink flowers stay consistently pink and are produced in large flower clusters over a low and wide habit. Pulmonaria Pretty in Pink
Tradescantia Amethyst Kiss Spiderwort One of the longest blooming Tradescantia we’ve seen! This selection produces large clusters of sizeable, periwinkle blue flowers accented with yellow tipped stamens from early summer to fall, still blooming long after others are spent for the season. Tradescantia AMETHYST KISS™